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Welcome To The Reconstruction with David Thulin

The Reconstruction with David Thulin is an hour-long program, syndicated to Radio Stations worldwide, bringing a vast variety of Positive EDM (Electronic Dance Music), spinning everything from the Club & Festival Scenes to Commercial Electronic Pop. This in-demand, high energy show features continuous music from some of the hottest genres in music today!

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Stream past episodes of The Reconstruction below. Archived episodes are added two weeks after air date. To hear the latest edition, tune in to our affiliates airing the show (see list below).

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Stations Airing The Reconstruction By Day/Time (EST) / Click On Station Name To Listen Online

Terrestrial Stations:

Area / Online



Schedule (EST)

Destin (Florida) WNWF The Game 1140 AM Sun - 6AM
Louisiana (Monrow) Power (KBYO) 92.7 FM Sun - 3PM
Kentucky (Murray/Pad) Elevate FM (WAAJ) 89.7 FM Sun - 10PM
Canada (Fort McMurry, AB) KAOS 91.1 FM Sun - 11PM
Florida (New Smyrna) WKTO 88.9 FM Mon - 7PM
Europe (Hamrun, Malta) Galaxy 105

105 FM

Tue - 8AM
Honolulu (Hawaii) KXRG

95.9 FM

Cumbernauld (Scotland) Revival FM 100.8 FM Wed - 5PM
West Virginia (Huntington) IGNITE FM 92.3 FM Wed - 6PM
Wheelwright (Kentucky) WCYW 105.7 FM Thur - 10PM
South Carolina (Florence) Radio Free Florence 92.5 FM Thur - 11PM
Auckland (New Zeeland) Life FM 99.8 FM Fri - 5AM
Cumbernauld (Scotland) Revival FM 100.8 FM Fri - 5PM
New Mexico (Farmington) KNMI 88.9 FM Fri - 7PM
Ohio (London) Ready FM (WCYC) 105.1 FM Fri - 9PM
Saskatchwean (Canada) CJJC 98.5 FM Fri - 9PM
Illinois (Wayne City) The Vine 90.9 FM Fri - 10PM
United King. (Winchester) The Cross FM 103.3 FM Fri - 11PM
Canada (Fort McMurray) KAOS 91.1 FM Fri - 11PM
Tulsa (Oklahoma) KXOJ 100.9 FM Fri - 11PM
Kansas (Manhattan) Angel (KHCA) 95 FM Fri - MIDNIGHT
Ohio (Rushville) WLRY 88.9 FM Fri - MIDNIGHT
Kansas (Manhattan) KHCA 95 FM Fri - MIDNIGHT
Cumbernauld (Scotland) Revival FM 100.8 FM Sat - 8AM
New Mexico (Hobbs) The Cross (KROZ) 105.9 FM Sat - 10AM
Canada (Kitchener, Ont.) FaithFM (CJTW) 94.3 FM Sat - NOON
United King. (Staffordshire) Cross Rhythms 101.8 FM Sat - 1PM
England (Bournemouth) Hope FM

90.1 FM

Sat - 2PM
Missouri (St. Louis) The Spirit KEZK 102.5 FM Sat - 8PM
N. Dakota (Grand Forks) Q FM 107 FM Sat - 8PM
Louisiana (Monrow) Power (KBYO) 92.7 FM Sat - 8PM
Mississippi (Clinton) Star 93.5 FM 93.5 FM Sat - 8PM
Clinton (Mississippi) WHJT 93.5 FM Sat - 8PM
S. Carolina (Spartanburg) The-Z   Sat - 10PM
N. Dakota (Grand Forks) Q FM 107 FM Sat - 10PM
Michigan (Grand Blanc) WSNL 600 AM Sat - 10PM
Illinois (Wayne City) The Vine 90.9 FM Sat - 10PM
Oregon (New Port) KWPB

98.7 FM

Sat - 11PM
Australia (Victoria) LightDigital 89.9 FM Sat - 11PM
Kenton (Ohio) WKEN (ShineFM) 88.5 FM Sat - MIDNIGHT

More stations are being added weekly! Check back soon and request your local station to pick up The Reconstruction w/ David Thulin!

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Online Stations:


Schedule (EST)

NG Radio Show (Russia) Every Day 3AM & 6AM
NRT Radio Remix Every Weekday (M-F) 9AM & 10PM
BayPrz Global Radio Sundays - 1AM
KNWJ FM 104 (South Pacific) Sundays - 5-7AM
My Wild Hits Sundays - 8AM
Z105 Sundays - 11AM
Blackbird Radio Network Sundays - 1PM
BNNS Radio Sundays - 2PM
LifeFM Sundays - 3PM
MyPositiveEdge.com Sundays - 3PM
Full Gamet Radio Sundays - 5PM
Master's Mix Radio Sundays - 7PM
ChristianSoldierRadio.com Sundays - 8PM
KAQC-2 Sundays - 8PM
Mike FM Sundays - 7PM
ShineFMJamz.com Sundays - 10PM
KNCS Christian Radio Tuesdays - 6PM
Next Gen Radio Tuesdays - 9PM
LocalNet Radio Tuesdays - 11PM
Lion of Judah Radio KROAR Wednesdays - 10AM
GPR-Radio.com Wednesdays - 7PM
Christiantalk365.com Wednesdays - 9PM
JesusFreakRadio Wednesdays - 10PM
Lion of Judah Radio KROAR Wednesdays - 10PM
KNWJ FM 104 (South Pacific) Thursdays - 6AM
JesusFreakRadio Thursdays - 6AM
Halo Radio Thursdays - 4PM
TeenHorizons.org Thursdays - 7PM
Solid Rock Radio Thursdays - 7PM
LiveFM (Austrailia) Fridays - 4AM
FHL Sound Fridays - 2PM
BEAM Radio Fridays - 3PM
Thirsty Soul Radio Fridays - 6PM
Faith Radio Fridays - 7PM
Radio For Life Fridays - 9PM
LifeAirHitRadio.com Fridays - 9PM
The Star Radio Fridays - 9PM
Rac Man Christian Radio Fridays - 9PM
NRT Radio Fridays - 10PM
Jam The City Fridays - 10PM
Christiantraxalive.com Fridays - 10PM
MyPositiveEdge.com Fridays - 10PM
ShineFMJamz.com Fridays - 10PM
C1Radio Show Fridays - 11PM
Ryte Flyte Radio Fridays - 11PM
CVC Radio (Australia) Saturdays - 2AM
KNWJ FM 104 (South Pacific) Saturdays - 6-8AM
Light Digital Saturdays - 7AM
LimeFM (South Australia) Saturdays - 7:30AM
Cross Rhythms Radio Saturdays - 1PM
Solid Rock Radio Saturdays - 1PM
Radio For Life

Saturdays - 2PM

Vienna International Radio Saturdays - 3PM
The Power Station Saturdays - 3PM
MyPositiveEdge.com Saturdays - 3PM
BEAM Radio Saturdays - 3PM
Apostle Internet Radio

Saturdays - 6PM

Salt FM Saturdays - 6PM
Thirsty Soul Radio Saturdays - 6PM
KZOE Saturdays - 7PM
FHL Sound Saturdays - 8PM
eChristianRadio.com Saturdays - 8PM
Redeeming Radio Saturdays - 8PM
The Masters Mix Saturdays - 9PM
C-Pop Christian Radio Saturdays - 9PM
Master's Mix Radio Saturdays - 9PM
NRT Radio Saturdays - 10PM
TheStaticBreaker.com Saturdays - 10PM
Faith Radio Wisconsin Saturdays - 10PM
Desafio Saturdays - 10PM
Next Gen Radio Saturdays - 10PM
El Dial de la Fe (Columbia) Saturdays - 10PM
ShineFMJamz.com Saturdays - 10PM
TheStaticBreaker.com Saturdays - 11PM
Righteous Rock Radio Saturdays - 11PM
Radio Fe Love (Puerto Rico) Saturdays - 11PM
DOC Radio - Christian Hits Saturdays - 11PM